May Sky

May 3: the waxing gibbous moon will pass through the Leo constellation. The moon will be less than a degree away from Regulus, the brightest of Leo’s stars.

May 5: Eta Aquarids meteor shower Peak, starting around 10 pm. Look to the East, near constellation of Aquarius.

May 7: Jupiter will pass through the constellation of Virgo.

May 10: Full Flower Moon

May 11: Jovian Eclipses. Ganymede, Jupiter’s largest moon, will move through the planet’s shadow until 10:55 pm ET, and at 11:45 pm ET Europa will disappear behind Jupiter. Visible through a telescope.

May 13: Saturn will rise with the waning gibbous moon.

May 17: Mercury will be at its greatest western elongation. See before sunrise on Southeast horizon.

May 22: Venus will rise with waning crescent moon in East.

May 31: Regulus will pass through Leo for a second time this month.


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